Diesel hydraulic monorail with friction wheel drive

type KPCS-148

Suspended frictional railway is intended to transport personnel and materials, such as powered roof support sections, elements of heading machine, heavy parts of push-plate conveyors, as well as materials for reinforcing and decommissioning of longwall headings.
Such railway is also used for other transport tasks.


- lightest construction in its class

- highest power: 148 kW

- application of dry fumes cooling system

- modern drive unit

- constant measurement of methane concentration

- monitoring system (camera/monitor)

- broader transport capabilities

- higher speeds of travel with load

- operation without the need of water refilling

- long lifetime, lower toxicity of fumes

- safety during maneuver drive (reverse) and with elements of large dimensions

- possibility of applying the same Diesel-hydraulic aggregate to floor mounted railways of our company

Technical data

Engine power [kW] 148
Weight [kg] 6500 (for 4 drives)
Pulling force for 4 drives [kN] 80
Pulling force for 6 drives [kN] 120
Maximum speed for 4 drives [m/s] 2,6
Maximum speed for 6 drives [m/s] 1,7
Route profile I155 lub I140E, I140V95, I250
Minimum radius of horizontal curvature [m] 4
Minimum radius of vertical curvature [m] 8
Maximum track inclination [°] ±30
Locomotive length [mm] 15000 (for 4 drives)
Width [mm] 800
Height from lower edge of track profile [mm] 1250