Two-wing Automatic Air Stopping type DTWA

Two-wing automatic air stopping is suited to mounting in longwall ventilation headings, in which travelling of transport sets, i.e. railways, should be possible Two-wing automatic air stopping, allows completing operations of opening, sustaining of blockage of its opening and closing when transport sets must drive through without stopping, obeying safety regulations, required by law.

Range of application
Two-wing automatic air stopping can be applied in longwall ventilation headings with longitudinal inclination of max. ±30ş. Transverse inclination of a heading with the use of air stopping can amount ±10ş. Control system equipment includes spark-safe control, signaling and blocking systems.
Heading cross-section size, as well as its lining, can be arbitrary, as long as opening of doors assures keeping movement distances required by suitable regulations, when a transport set is passing by.

Technical data:

Maximum transport hole width [mm] - 3500

Maximum transport hole height [mm] - 3000

Split door drive can be:

- pneumatic cylinder

- hydraulic cylinder

- electric linear motor


Frame is a steel welded construction.
Two-wing automatic air stopping is composed of the following main elements:

- frame

- left and right wing

- lever system

- wing drive units with control of

- sealing elements

- control power

- supply unit

Air stopping frame is made of channel cross-sections.
Door wings are steel welded constructions from box sections.
Lever system is used to open doors in reverse directions

It is possible to manually control the air stopping in case of power supply failur. Control and sensor system on air stoppings is based on automation system.

Air stopping and power supply and control unit dimensions are selected according to the needs of the client.