Pneumatic suspended rack-and-pinion railway DZK

Pneumatic suspended rack-and-pinion locomotive DZK is intended to be used for transporting heavy elements of machines and equipment, as well as transporting material over small distances in underground mine headings with inclination max. ±30ş.

Suspended locomotive can be used as an independent transport device, or can cooperate with other means of transport, providing such cooperation is possible.

DZK locomotive moves along the suspended driving rack-and-pinion track. It moves on driving rollers on lower shelves of track rails.

Locomotive drive unit is a pneumatic motor, which drives a toothed wheel. Drive is transferred from the motor to the toothed wheel by means of a startup-overload coupling and three-stage planetary transmission.

A spring- applied multiplate brake is incorporated in the drive and loosened by means of compressed air after locomotive startup. During locomotive parking, drive-brake wheel is immobilized by the pressure applied by brake springs.

Maximum transported load

Inclination Air supply pressure [Mpa] Load weight [kg]
up to 10° 0,4 11000
0,6 18500
10°÷2 0,4 5100
0,6 8600
20°÷3 0,4 3200
0,6 6100