Electric floor mounted rack-and-pinion railway

Floor mounted rack-and-pinion railway type KSZ-650/900/30/60-A is assigned to transporting powered roof support sections, elements of heading machines, face conveyors during reinforcing/decommissioning of longwalls.

Transport by means of a railway includes longwall headings and galleries. The railway is used as an independent transport device in a reinforced (decommissioned) wall, or has the role of extending the transport system with different means of transport.

Floor mounted railway consists of:

- driving track

- locomotive

- transport set

Basic components of a floor mounted rack-and-pinion railway are:

- Driving track of 650 or 900 mm width

- Locomotive – used for moving the transport set on tracks. Drive transfers the rotational moment from the electric motor through coupling, intersecting axes planetary transmission to gear wheels, and finally to drive cog wheels. Self-locking, three-phase inductive motor is equipped with a frictional brake, pressed against by means of springs and loosened by an electromagnet. Control of motors is achieved remotely by means of radio control system. On a locomotive, apart from electric motors, there are also reflectors, as well as sensors and switches mounted. Electrical power supply is realized by means of a rubber-coated cable, dragged on the floor.

- Transport set – consists of a platform with connecting pulling rod and two safety ropes. According to the needs of the user, it is possible to use platforms with load-carrying capacities: 100, 150, 22 0, 32 0, 350 [kN]


Technical data

Maximum power [kW]: 60
Maximal pulling force [kN]: 180
Supply voltage [V]: 500, 660, 1000, 1100, 1140
Radio remote control

Length [mm] 2900
Width [mm] 1630
Height [mm] 1380
Locomotive weight [kg] 8300