Becker-Warkop Ltd. Company is a leader in powered roof supports manufacturing.

Powered roof supports we offer are designed and manufactured according to the latest technical and technological solutions.

Powered roof supports meet the requirements regarding the safety and ergonomics of the construction.

Powered roof support sections create following assemblies:

- complete canopy (rigid, sliding or deflectable-sliding)

- caving shield

- uniform floor bases (divided or catamaran-type)

- leminscate connectors-front

- leminscate connectors-rear

- flipper (option)

- walkway protective shield (option)

- advancing system

- hydraulic legs

- canopy support

- hydraulic system

- hydraulic floorpiece lifting (HPS) or mechanical lifting (MPS)

- shifter for floorpiece correction or floor correction system (option)

Hydraulic system of a section is used for controlling all phases of support operation and maintaining constant yield load in legs.

Operation of a support is realized by optional control system:

- manual local

- remote

- electroydraulic