Diesel floor mounted rack-and-pinion railway KSZS-650/900

Diesel floor mounted rack-and-pinion railway is intended for transporting personnel, powered roof support sections, heading machine elements, heavy elements of face conveyors and other devices during reinforcing and decommissioning of longwall headings or other transportation works.

During the design process, operational experience from up-to-date exploited cable and rack-and-pinion railways with electrical drive was used.

Main components of the railway are:

- diesel locomotive

- track

- transport set

- auxiliary equipment

- braking trolley

Railway moves on a track with rail spacing of 650 mm or 900 mm, placed on the floor.

Railway components, such as tracks, transport set or auxiliary equipment, are identical in all floor mounted rack-and-pinion railways. All elements of a transport set are connected with a pull rods and additionally secured with safety cables. Transport of men and material can be realized on tracks with maximum permissible running-line inclination of ±30ş and transverse inclination of ±10ş.
Maximum pulling force with one drive trolley for Diesel locomotives with power of 68-80 kW is 120 kN, whereas for Diesel locomotives with power over 120 kW – 160 kN. For Diesel locomotives with power over 120 kW it is possible to work in a 1 or 2 drive trolley set with pulling force of 120 kN or 240 kN. Aggregates and cabins are compatible and can be used both in floor and suspended railways.

Diesel locomotive is composed of four main subassemblies:

- Diesel-hydraulic aggregate, placed on a drive trolley undercarriage

- Drive trolley

- Braking trolley – used as undercarriage for main cabin

- Undercarriage with auxiliary cabin