Diesel monorail with rack-and-pinion drive type KPZS

Diesel suspended monorail with rack-and-pinion drive KPZS 80 is used to transport personnel, materials and devices, such as powered roof support sections, elements of heading machines, heavy elements of face conveyors, during reinforcing or decommissioning of longwall headings, as well as other transportation tasks.
Railway can be used as an independent transport equipment, or as an extension for transport realized by other means.

Dane techniczne

Diesel engine power [kW] 80
Amount of active hydraulic drives 3 lub 4
Nominal pulling force  
    for four hydraulic drives [kN]  100±5%
    for three hydraulic drives [kN] 75±5%
Maximum locomotive speed  
    for four hydraulic drives  [m/s]  1,5
    for three hydraulic drives [m/s] 2,0

Braking system

Railway is equipped with a safety and parking brake, which is mounted in a driving trolley.

Railway is equipped with an emergency brake in braking trolley, which is selected to the operation conditions of a railway.

Locomotive dimensions

Length [mm] 15400
Width [mm] 800
Height [mm] 1230 (from lower rail edge)
Locomotive weight with media [kg] 7500

Main components of the railway are:

- Diesel locomotive

- driving track equipped with a rack

- transport set – including equipment for personnel and material transport

- transport set protection, i.e. braking trolleys of a permitted type

Main components of a Diesel locomotive are:

- Diesel-hydraulic aggregate

- four HZA drives

- two operator cabins

- mechanical connecting elements and sets of wires and cables for energy
  and signal transfer

Diesel-hydraulic aggregate is composed of:

- Diesel engine equipped in safety systems, conforming with
  requirements of exploitation in conditions of methane and dust explosion
  threat in underground mining headings

- cooling system

- hydraulic pump

- fuel tank

- hydraulic fluid tank

- starter

- fire extinguishing installation


Hydraulic drive is equipped with hydraulically loosened spring-applied
multiplate frictional brake, fulfilling the function of a safety and
parking brake, which braking force is at least 37,5 kN.

Diesel locomotive is composed of constructional units, connected
with each other by means of joints, which allows achieving optimal
maneuverability. Modular construction makes it possible to adjust the
set to differing exploitation conditions.

Hydraulic rack-and-pinion drive type HZA cooperates with suspended
track route with profile I 155 with rack-and-pinion rack, which has
carrying and leading function. Main drive element is hydraulic radial
piston engine, which rotary moment is transferred to the rail by means
of a cog wheel pushed against the toothed rack.

Hydraulic drives I, II, III and IV have the same construction and are
composed of:

- trolley body

- cog wheels and brakes, serving as safety brake and parking brake